Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Hiatus and Bike Riding

Oh my god! It's May! I've been so busy with school, thesis, and personal issues that I've been just lost. But I'm back and here's one thing that I learned to do: ride a bike.
Ride a bike, you ask? Doesn't everybody know how to do that? NO. I didn't. Every time I saw someone riding a bike through the city I felt a pang of jealousy and a wish to run up to them and push them over, even children. Thanks to friends and my boyfriend, I acquired a used bike (red!) and learned.
First I bought the bike and my friend Cassandra tried to teach me a few times to no avail. I lost some fear, but balance was always and issue and I would fall over after two seconds on my own. Finally we went to Walmart, bought a child's bike, put training wheels on it, and I finally learned.

After we returned the Walmart bike, I started on mine and, with a lot of help and patience from everyone, finally rode! Here's a few more pictures you can take a look at.

Here's a video of my boyfriend on my bike. I think he had more fun on it than I did!